5 Basic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Every woman has basic pieces in her wardrobe. Items that no one can do without when it comes to dressing up. The same goes when it comes to a woman's jewelry. There are certain must-haves which are worth investing in and which will add glamour and sparkle to your entire look. 
Here are a few of them :

Diamond Studs.
 Diamonds are truly a girl's best friend. They are versatile and can compliment any outfit. And they will stand out even more if you match it with a busy necklace or neckline. Choose a setting that reflects your personality and feel free to have more than one stone clumped together. 

diamond stud

Pearls are the classic, timeless go-to jewelry piece when you want to look stylish, whether for business or for fun. They can be worn as single stud earrings or as a single or double strand necklace. Whichever way you choose to wear them you can never go wrong with pearls. 

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Bangle Bracelets. These kind of bracelets are always so much fun to wear and give off a happy carefree vibe. You can choose between wearing a single bracelet or more of them, it's totally up to you. You can also mix and match several styles if you want to create a look all your own. 

Pendant Necklace.
 This pretty piece will look charming with anything you wear.  It can be a locket,  a gemstone or a  charm. Classic designs usually include your initials, a diamond solitaire, or even something related to nature or the constellation. The more meaningful to you the better.  Make it more personal by going for letter initial pendant necklaces. And you can even layer several necklaces together to give it a unique look.
Hair Pin. Who says hair pins have to be pretty and petite all the time. Go bold with a crystal hair pin where the star attraction is a beautifully colored crystal. It's a lot of fun and it gives your look a burst of color without having to cost a lot. 
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So the next time you go shopping for jewelry, keep these basic pieces in mind.  We promise they will never go out of style. 

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