5 Statement Earrings to Make Any Outfit Pop

Let’s be honest: if you want to make a statement, it's all about earrings. 

In the 90s, chokers were the hottest thing since the bangles (which were hot in the 80s). In the 00s, statement necklaces crashed on the scene. 

In the 2010s (and 2020s!), it's earrings’ time to shine. 

Earrings are so versatile, so elegant and such a subtle (or loud) addition to an outfit that, if you’re looking to make any outfit pop, or take it from day to night, earrings are right where you should be focusing your attention. 

Luckily, Coravana has just the earrings you need for every outfit. Here are 5 of our favorites!


Crystal Ball Earrings

Best for: simple elegance, day-time wear, or multiple-pierced ears. 

These classic, simple gold stud earrings are an absolute must! Adorned with gorgeous crystals, they bring just a hint of magic! We think these are great for both daytime wear and nighttime wear, and will keep the glam alive.


Crystal Drop Hoop Earrings

Best for: anytime - day and night - wear these to step up your outfit’s game. 

Every woman has a pair of hoops that she either wears all of the time (or not at all) - but these gorgeous combo hoops take those standard, boring hoops and turn them into something a little bit special! 

Providing a modern, fresh twist on an old classic, wear these hoops to give off a classically modern vibe. 

Infinity Glow Stud Earrings

Best for: Special events and making a bold statement. 



These one of a kind earrings create a Hollywood look that can be tricky to achieve, but with these starry stacks, you’ll definitely get it right, each and every time. 

These are a beautiful, bold twist on the ear. These stunners will also look great with a dress or elegant look! Wear them to the office and then out to a night out in the city, chic day-to-night look! 


Mini Infinity Glow Earrings

Best for: a low-key night out where you're (subtly) dressed to impress. 

You don't get more statement than with drop earrings, and these drop earrings scream “subtle” and gorgeous - that’s some heavy lifting, but these Infinity Glow Earrings pull it off perfectly. 

The Swarovski gems at either end, add a certain “je ne sais quoi”, while the long, gold structure connecting them keeps things simple, and understated. 

Heaven Big Hoop Earrings

Best for: When you want to exude subtle elegance... but at the same time, bring the razzle-dazzle. 



Channel all of the magical glow, without even lifting a finger - these irresistible  Heaven hoop Earrings are subtle, enchanting - and will dazzle anyone you meet while wearing them. They’re ideal for both the office, nights out and important events - they really are the versatile, elegant earring choice for any and every outfit! 

For even more irresistibly elegant earring options, check out Coravana’s selection here

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