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Layer jewelry like a pro

Jewelry lovers, unite!  

Like most fashion-loving people, you probably have an entire drawer or wall devoted to accessorizing. You also probably wear the same ring, necklace, and bangle day in and day out because hey — you're a busy person, and reaching for your tried and true pieces just makes things so much easier.

News flash: You can get way more mileage out of your jewelry trove if you know how to layer your pieces. Here are some tips on how to bring all those lovely jewelry together to create a stylish look. 


  • Embrace wrap & charm bracelets
    Each one takes up a good amount of arm space, making them a great way to boldly layer without actually wearing a ton of jewelry.

  • For work, go with a single color to make it look more formal but mix up the materials like metal and leather. 


    • Wear heavy and dainty pieces at the same time.
      Don't save that flashy necklace for a special occasion — go ahead and pair it with your simpler go-to pieces to make a statement all day, every day.



    • Start off with an interesting and unique necklace as your centerpiece. Then, choose others which will complement it in terms of shape, color or material.



    • Don't be afraid of colors
      For a bohemian, playful look, go crazy with mixing different shades and shapes. Go with bold color combos like turquoise and red, peach and teal and green and royal blue.

      • Don’t overdo it. 4-5  bracelets are a good number, especially if you have a couple of thick ones. Avoid going overboard with the colors. A few vibrant ones will do. 

      • Don't choose between necklaces or bracelets — layer both.
        The key is choosing the same layering style for your neck and arms: If you're going bold on your neck game, do the same on your arms.


        There are tons of gorgeous jewelry nowadays and we keep adding new pieces on a monthly basis. Express your individual style with all of them! 

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