Jewelry X Swimsuits- How To Pair

Did you know that pairing jewelry with your swimwear is a thing now? Yup, it’s a new must-have beach accessory that belongs right up there with hats, sunglasses, cover-ups, and flip flops.

And it’s a good thing too. Because even if your banging bod in a swimsuit is enough to behold, wearing jewelry is the perfect addition to complete the entire look.

Here are some tips on how to achieve that perfect swimsuit-jewelry combo.

  1. Go Minimalist. Your swimsuit is already made up of minimal fabric. Your jewelry should be just as lowkey. In other words, don’t pile it up. Choose pieces which are dainty in size, like a small pendant or chain. Big pieces could result in bigger tan lines, plus they might get tangled in the wind or in your bathing suit.

  1. What to wear. A stack of bracelets would look awesome on a tanned arm. A necklace can be flattering as it draws attention to your cleavage. Beach earrings are great especially when you do those slow-mo hair flips at the beach. And rings are pretty especially when you use your hand to block out the sun’s rays. But do take note that your hands shrink in cold water, causing your ring to slip off easily so watch out for that.

  1. Choose the right color. Swimsuit designs can range from one solid color to eye-catching designs and patterns. So like any other outfit, make sure your accessories compliment your swimwear. Also, take into consideration your hair and eye color as well as your skin tone. Then choose jewelry that enhances all these aspects put together.
  1. Keep it safe. Beach food shouldn’t be the only things you put into a plastic sandwich bag. When you feel like taking a dip, don’t forget to remove your jewelry and put it in a clean ziploc bag. Then put it deep inside your beach bag for safekeeping.  This will prevent it from getting scratched, squished, lost or falling onto the sand. 

  1. Jewelry needs TLC. Although we would love for you to wear jewelry with your swimwear every chance you get, do remember to watch for the following S’s that could damage your jewelry - sun, sand, salt, sweat, and sunscreen.  So make sure to take extra care when wearing your accessories and give it a little extra TLC after you take it off. You can do a basic wipe down or have a professional clean it for you. 

So go ahead and jewel up. It’s your day to shine at the beach!

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