Every dress deserves it's own jewelry

You know how celebrities always look gorgeous during red carpet events? How they are able to match their gown with the perfect jewelry?  Well, all that perfection is largely due to their stylist. 

But for those of us who don’t have the luxury of being styled from head to toe, here are some ideas on how to pick what jewelry to wear with your killer gown.

  • STRAPLESS IS MORE.  Strapless gowns are dramatic. They draw attention to your neck and collarbone. For this style of clothing, less is more. If you wear a big bold necklace, keep your earrings small and subtle. Choose a single piece to provide a focal point. Wear a short necklace. Or you can experiment with a long chain or pendant necklace which ends at mid-chest or your waistline.

    • V IS FOR VICTORY. This kind of neckline is always a winner in black tie events. You can always go with simple stud earrings and a choker necklace. But, a long pendant necklace would definitely add to the wow factor. In fact, it would be interesting to try a layered look. Start with a simple link chain and pendant combo. Then keep adding longer and longer necklaces until you reach your desired length. 

      • BE SQUARE.  Although a square neckline is not usually the first choice when it comes to evening gowns, it can still look smashing with the perfect jewelry. A collar or choker always works. Or you could streamline your look by wearing angular earrings and necklaces to complement the neckline’s shape. But if you really wanna be bold, try something that provides contrast like a round necklace or a short, chunky one.

      • YOU’RE A SWEETHEART.  A sweetheart neckline can be really flirty, playful and romantic. And it can make you look really curvy. So if you’re wearing this during a formal event,  wear jewelry that doesn’t make you look stuffy or boring. Go for the ones that make a bold statement like large, chunky statement necklaces or colorful earrings that grab attention. But when you do go this route, make sure not to over-accessorize. Keep it big but tasteful and classy.

      • BRING ON THE BRACELETS AND RINGS. We know we’ve been talking a lot about necklines and necklaces and a bit about earrings too. But don’t forget that you can also accessorize with your bracelets and rings. If you’d rather keep your neckline bare then go for those thick, beautiful multi layer bracelets or play around by layering on those precious tennis bracelets. 

        So go ahead and enjoy the evening. Remember that even if it’s a formal affair, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun experimenting with your look and your jewelry. The off-the-shoulder neckline has been around for a while and still remains popular. The purpose of this style is to show off your shoulders. Because there is so much bare skin, though, it can be hard to find the right accessories.
        You don't want your jewelry to be a distraction, and you want attention focused upwards. For this reason, simple & gentle necklaces work best.
        Have Fun!

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