Sometimes, less is more.

Layering bracelets, rings and necklaces are such a fad nowadays. And although it can look pretty and fun, there is something to be said about keeping things minimalist - simple yet chic.

We’re not saying you need to wear something basic and plain because that would make your aesthetic blah. We’re talking straightforward yet stunning pieces and less colors. The kind that keeps your look classy and uncluttered.


Here are some tips on how to achieve that look.  


  1. Statement Piece. If you’re limiting your look to just one piece, make sure it’s not too ornate or over the top. For example, if you want to accessorize with a bracelet, choose one with a single stone or simple metal chain. This allows you to wear a necklace and earrings without losing the clean, sharp look you want to achieve. 


  1. Stay Single. Jewelry can turn your look from drab to fab. And wearing that single, perfect, piece can make all the difference. Wearing too many pieces, even if they are all matching, can draw too much attention to too many things and will hurt the minimalist effect. Choose one gorgeous piece and that’s it, if you really want to add another piece, make it subtle. 



  1. Clash Not. To achieve the minimalist effect, you also need to pay attention to the clothes you wear. If you are wearing a printed top, then avoid a necklace that will land on top of it. Or if you’re using a purse with a statement handle, avoid using a chunky bracelet. But if your outfit is basic like a white tee and jeans, then go for a piece that adds oomph to your entire look.



  1. Be Charmed. If you’re the type who simply cannot do without something jingling on you, then use necklaces or bracelets with charms in them. It’s a single piece of jewelry that allows you to display several delicate details in one go. But do wear a top that’s not printed. If it is, make sure the cut of the neckline doesn’t interfere with the placement of the necklace. 



  1. Go Geometric. If you’re still unsure about what piece to wear, then go with jewelry that has a geometric shape or carries a geometric design element. Minimalism favors these basic shapes because both reflect precision and clean lines. They are not too ornate or elaborate and they give off a chic, interesting vibe.



Minimalism is all about sleek, clean, and streamlined designs. It’s a fresh, welcome change that can create as much of an impact as layering or maximalism, just give it a try:)


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