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Everything You Ever Needed: The Fall Daydream Collection

Fall is almost upon us - and if you can practically smell the pumpkin spice already, then does Coravana have a treat for you! 

Introducing the brand new Daydream Earrings range

Designed as the perfect accompanying pieces to the super-popular bestselling Daydream bracelets, there's a Daydream earring set for every type of Coravana woman. 

What Color is YOUR Daydream? 

Whether you're more of a summer girl, or winter is your jam, the Daydream earring collection comes in all colors - so you can accessorize any outfit, for any event, for any time of the day or night.



If you're into earth tones, then the Brown and Silver Daydream earrings are perfect for you, or if you’re looking for a touch of vintage elegance, the Vintage Rose Silver pair would be ideal

For you blue-loving ladies, we have quite the range of choices: be magnificent in a Blue Silver Daydream, or cast your gaze ocean-wards in these Ocean Blue-Silver Daydreams. If you're craving clear skies and the beach life (and aren't we all?), then the Turquoise-Silver Daydreams are for you.


Looking for something more girly? You have two, equally stunning choices: The striking Fuschia-Silver Daydreams will make a statement wherever you take them, while the lower key, classic Lavender-Silver Daydreams are perfect for any and every occasion.


Make Your Daydreams Come True: the Collection

Every daydream comes from somewhere, right? At Coravana, we make your daydreams come true with our gorgeous Daydreams collection, for every type of Coravana woman. 

Complete the set with the bestselling Daydream bracelets: from sultry Gray and Silver, to statement Black and Gold; and mystical Blue and Silver will make your daydreams into reality, while Brown and Silver will bring you back down to earth.



If you're looking for something extra special, the Daydream Special Editions are what you've been waiting for! Keep summer with you throughout the mild fall (and winter) nights with the Seashell Daydream in Black and Gold, or just add a little sparkle to the fall foliage with the Multicolored Daydream in Black and Silver


Your Daydream; Our Pleasure

Can you feel the love and craftsmanship shimmering off of your Daydream products? Coravana is proud to handcraft (with love!) every single one of our Daydream products, right from our bespoke artisanal workshop in the heart of Tel Aviv. 

We use real Swarovski certified crystals, and only the highest quality materials for each and every piece. 

Your Daydream is our pleasure to create, and we hope you fall in love with your Daydream pieces as much as we do making them! 

We wish you a wonderful, love-filled fall season - and that may all of your Daydreams come true!

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