A Jewelry To Protect Yourself




Have you ever given anyone the evil eye?

Do you know that look that is meant to wish or inflict harm, suffering or misfortune on whoever is on the receiving end of it? These ill feelings may be done consciously or unconsciously, with the end result of jinxing the person.

Or maybe you’ve been given the evil eye and not know it?

Well, just so you know what you’re up against, here are some things about the evil eye.

  1. The first findings related to the evil eye date back to Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. Discussions about it were discovered in prayer-like inscriptions on cuneiform tablets from Sumer and Babylonia dated 3300 and 3000 BC. The first recorded image of the evil eye was around this time as well. Clay tablets were discovered bearing it’s image carved into them.

  2. In the nearby City of Tell Brak, amulets identified as “eye idols were discovered. These eye idols are said to have something to do with the worship of the goddess Ninhursag, the Sumerian Goddess of Childbirth. These talismans were likely used as protection since newborns, infants and birthing mothers were believed to be especially vulnerable to the Evil Eye. In fact, it’s still a tradition in Turkey to bring a evil eye token to a newborn baby.

  3. The overriding emotion that triggers the evil eye is envy. When someone achieves success or recognition then it attracts the envy of those around them. It is said that envy is a powerful emotion which can manifest itself as a curse. According to the Greek philosopher Plutarch, the eye is believed to be so powerful that it is capable of releasing invisible rays of energy that can harm or hurt people and even small animals.

  4. Indicators of whether a person has the ability to inflict the evil eye included the color of one’s eyes. Those who were blue eyed (which was a genetic rarity in the Mediterranean) or had red eyes (according to the Germans) were said to be capable of doing so. In Ireland, squinty eyes were suspect as well. And in Italy, a unibrow was a dead giveaway.

  5. There are charms and decorations with eye-like symbols which are used to repel the evil eye. These are known as nazars. There is also an amulet called “apotropaic” talismans. These are disc or balls made up of concentric blue and white circles representing an eye. These are meant to turn away or turn back harm. The staring eye is supposed to bend or deflect the malicious gaze of the evil eye giver back to him.

To protect yourself from the Evil Eye, jewelry engraved with eye-like symbols are a beautiful and effective deterrent. Wearing these everyday ensures that your are always protected.