Celebrating Milestones With Jewelry




People love receiving gifts. It doesn’t matter how big or small, or whether it is expensive or not.  What’s important is the spirit in which it was given and how meaningful it is to the recipient. In fact, the saying “It’s the thought that counts” pretty much sums up the beauty of gift giving.

But, when someone receives a gift of jewelry, then things take on a whole new meaning. Giving jewelry requires thought and planning. It lets the person know how much she is valued. Her status is elevated and the implication is that she is someone who is very special to you.  

There are certain types of jewelry which hold different meanings when given as a gift. Here are some of them.


  1. Pendants. These pieces show that you are interested in the little details about her and that you would love to get to know her better. Since pendants can be small and discreet,  it shows that you are paying close attention to her.


  1.    Rings. This jewelry symbolizes commitment and vows. It is usually the first token of a serious relationship in its early stages.  Its round shape means that you are willing to “keep going” and that your love will last forever.



  1. Necklace. Giving someone a necklace lets her know how beautiful she is. It highlights her femininity, charm and elegance. And because it draws attention to the fine curves of her delicate neck, it can also be quite sensual.  



  1. Bracelet. Giving a bracelet represents the infinite cycle of your relationship with someone. It speaks of your connectedness with another person. Although bracelets are usually given in the spirit of friendship, it also shows a person just much she is loved and valued.



  1. Earrings. Because earrings are worn near the area of the face, it tells the recipient just how much you love looking at her. They are a perfect way to accentuate one’s facial features and they complement her entire appearance.  



So the next time you are at a loss as to what gift to give that special person in your life, consider giving her jewelry. It will let her know just how much you treasure her presence in your life.