Get FREE $100 COUPON for sending us a short video review of your CORAVANA EXPERIENCE!

Enjoy Coravana the second time around with a Free $100 Coupon in return for just a 20-second video review of our product!

Procedure to get the coupon

Follow these simple steps below

Step 1

Grab a Smartphone or a Tablet that can record video

Iphone, Samsung, Ipad, etc

Step 2

Record your video review(Must be 20 seconds long)

Make sure your face and product are visible. You can show the product on your hands or by wearing it. If possible, please include the Coravana packaging in the video.

    • To qualify for the $100 coupon, you must include the following ELEMENTS in your video:

    • 1.) Clearly show Your Face and Our Product.
    • 2.) Review both Our Product (how and where you'll use it) and Your Shopping Experience (Shipping and Customer Support).
    • 3.) Invite other customers to visit our shop.
    • Here's some things which you can talk about 😉

      - Your experience with our product: the quality and feeling of Coravana's jewelries

      - Your experience with our shipping services (how long did it take for your order to reach you)

      - Experience with customer support, if any

      - Recommend Coravana to your friends and families!

Step 3

Upload the recorded video to your Facebook profile

Tag us @coravana and use the hashtag #ilovecoravana.

Step 4

Email us

Send us your video URL on Facebook and your last order

Send us your video to: